Long term wealth creation with Swarna Griha – explore the possibilities

Lately, we are witnessing a new investment option in various parts of Bangalore. These investments provide spectacular growth for each, the home buyer and real estate property investors by bringing in an impact on the economy and lifestyle of the residents. Situated at the economic belt of Tumakuru, Swarna Griha is building a new perspective by a robust foundation and security for families. Initiated by Felicity Adobe LLP, Swarna Griha provides quality homes to the low-income families


Real estate in India has been in great demand for decades as it offers better financial stability. And, for a fast-growing Indian population, investing in land offers higher returns compared to other investment options. Looking forward, in the future there will be economic and social shifts, larger risks and returns, a wider range of opportunities,

Tumakuru – A promising city for real estate growth

Tumkur, officially renamed as ‘Tumakuru’ is located in the state of Karnataka. It’s also known as Shaikshanika Nagari (city of Education) and Kalpatharu Nadu (land of coconut trees). It’s a city with access to business services, housing, lifestyle activities, and telecommunications services. Tumkur is one of the cities in South India to

Why more and more middle class urban Indians are investing in budget housing?

As per the latest UN data, the population of India has reached a whopping number of 1,350,438,098! And with this alarming population rate, the middle-class population is mushrooming like never before. According to a report done by National Sample Survey (NSS) Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES), the number of neo Indian middle-class population counted at