It is officially summer season now and most of us are finding it difficult to keep ourselves and our homes cool. The AC units can shoot up your electricity bills and they are not known to be the most nature-friendly solution as well.

ACs aren’t the only medium to keep your home cool. There are other ways to shield your home and yourself from extreme heat without increasing your electricity bill. Some of the best ways to cool down your house without using an AC are:

1. Keep the blinds closed

This may seem as a very simple tip, but it is claimed that up to 30% of the total unwanted heat enters your home through the windows. Keeping your blinds or curtains closed can lower the indoor temperature to a great extent. To put it differently, closing the blinds will essentially prevent your home from turning into a miniature greenhouse, especially if your windows are west-facing.

Invest in blackout curtains which block sunlight while naturally insulating the rooms. They are proven to reduce the room’s heat by almost 35 percent.

2. Simply hack your fan

Not even your air conditioner can give you this cool breeze, but this easy trick can. Fill a bowl full of ice cubes (or something equally cold) and keep it at an angle in front of a strong table fan so the air beats off the ice in an extra-cooled and extra-misty pleasant state. Try this trick and you would feel the magic!

3. Switch your bed sheets

Seasonally swapping your bedding not only freshens up a room, but is also a fantastic way to keep the room cool. While fleece and flannel blankets are great for insulation, cotton is the perfect choice for hotter days of the year as it stays cooler and breathes easier.

4. Focus on your body temperature too

If our ancestors had survived without ACs, so can we. From drinking tasty chilled drinks to placing a cold cloth to areas like your wrists and neck, cooling ourselves from inside out is never a bad idea.

Also, keep a bowl of water beside your bed and dip your feet in it if you feel warm in the middle of the night- simple but effective way to keep yourself cool.

5. Let the night breeze in

During the summer, temperature drops during the nights at most places. If this is the case at your place, make the most of it. Open the windows before you go to bed and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

The above simple hacks/tips can help you keep your home cooler during those hot summer days. Among the above, other ways that can help lower the temperature in your homes are by setting the fan to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, turning on the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, using heat-proof mattress, sleeping low, etc.

Hope these tips help you in making this summer turn out to be a cooler one!