The concept ‘live-work-play’ isn’t new, but of late, this term has changed the way people live. On a clearer note, it has rejuvenated one’s lifestyle in different ways. City life can be unnerving for some or most people nowadays. The no-time-to-make plans, busy schedules, stress at work and the definite no-place-to-escape traffic lead to a stressful life. In the midst of all these, people need a break – they need places to unwind with the ‘hop-skip-jump’ concept. Thus, the lookout for a clubhouse, a pool or even a gym in a housing project has become mandatory.

Yes, while looking out for villas or apartments in a city, the factors that most buyers look for are security, connectivity, convenience etc.  Most of the residential projects make sure that they provide the best of amenities while considering these factors – homes that have more open spaces, more lifestyle amenities such as open gardens, dedicated places for barbecue parties, swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, etc.  Besides them, a clubhouse plays an important role as an absolute stress buster. Modern clubhouses come with extravagant facilities such as gourmet coffee shops, amphitheater, luxurious bar, etc. and they turn into the ultimate mediums to connect people.

This blog focuses on two important amenities that have turned into ‘must-haves’ for all home buyers in today’s modern age. Read to know the importance and benefits of these two amenities.

Of all the modern amenities in a residential real estate project, the most significant ones are clearly a clubhouse and a swimming pool, as the title of this blog focuses on. Because they don’t just mean luxury, but they outline how a happy and healthy lifestyle ought to be. Let us check out the benefits of living in a housing project that has a clubhouse and a swimming pool.

Clubhouse: All-at-one place gives you the joy of everything with a desired space.

  1. A great place to socialize – A Clubhouse is a common area to gather and engage in activities and bring people together, thus socializing made easier.
  2. Serves the purpose of recreation – The indoor game zones and indoor courts will let you unwind from the stress of the day. Clubhouses offer space to spend your weekend hours. Thus, providing a means of recreation at its best.
  3. This is usually where the gymnasium fit in – Gyms have the best, modern equipments that help in keeping you fit in a no-time-to-care schedule. This could also be a great deal for fitness freaks.
  4. One of the biggest advantages of having a spacious clubhouse is conducting various family and social events. Thus, providing the best event holding space.
  5. Some clubhouses even provide reading zones too for book lovers to spend some time alone.
  6. Clubhouses foster community living. A place for the older crowd to meet and chat, kids to meet their peers and much more. Thus, promoting love and peace within community living.

Swimming Pools

  1. Pools offer many health benefits. Regular swimming increases the goodness of your overall health and promotes mental and physical well-being.
  2.  A dip in the pool after a long day at work will help you unwind and relax. A take-it-easy swim will relieve stress and promote a positive mental outlook. Thus, allowing you to relax and unwind.
  3. Swimming exposes you to fresh air, greenery and the beautiful sky above.  It provides you the opportunity to be outside after a long day indoors. Thus, promoting happier-healthier well being.

And as the saying goes, “When you dive in all the noise and sights surrounding you disappear and all that is left is water.”

Bottom line:

Clubhouses and swimming pools in residential real estate projects are a luxury in more ways than one and that’s why they have turned from being a luxury into mandatory amenities to consider for many real estate developers.

An advice: While looking out for a home, make sure it houses a swimming pool and a clubhouse to relish life.

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