Are you looking for an auspicious date to move into your beautiful new home?

You are potentially on the right page…

Each dawn brings different energies to the day and certain energies are more valuable for certain actions. For example, different energies influence a wedding and a house warming ceremony. So, when you are moving into a new home, or performing your Griha Pravesh or Housewarming Ceremony, it is better to do it on a special day when the energy is at its highest.

It is said that ‘Griha Pravesh’ or ‘Housewarming ceremony’ is one of the most valued moments in one’s life.  It is performed just once for a home and  believed that performing a Griha Pravesh ceremony on an auspicious day brings good fortune.

In other words, it’s a special puja done to keep away all evil forces and purify the household. It cleanses the home and allows the family to start a new beginning, with a peaceful and positive energy.

Keeping this need in mind we have listed all the Griha Pravesh Muhurat in 2020.

you need is a marker to mark out the Griha Pravesh Muhurat that suits you the best.  

Auspicious days in March 2020 are –

Date Month Day Nakshatra Tithi Time
9th March Monday Uttara Phalguni Pratipada 25:08+ to 30:35+
11th March Wednesday Chitra Tritiya 18:59 to 30:34+
12th March Thursday Chitra Tritiya 06:34 to 11:58
18th March Wednesday Uttara Ashadha Dashami, Ekadashi 13:01 to 30:30+
19th March Thursday Uttara Ashadha Ekadashi 06:30 to 14:49

Auspicious days in April 2020 are –

Date Month Day Nakshatra Tithi Time
25th April Saturday Rohini Tritiya 20:57 to 30:09+
27th April Monday Mrigashirsha Panchami 14:29 to 24:29+

Auspicious days in May 2020 are –

Date Month Day Nakshatra Tithi Time
8th May Friday Anuradha Pratipada, Dwitiya 08:38 to 30:04+
18th May Monday Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi 06:02 to 15:07
23rd May Saturday Rohini, Mrigashirsha Dwitiya 24:16+ to 30:02+

Auspicious days in June 2020 are –

Date Month Day Nakshatra Tithi Time
15th June Monday Revati Dashami 06:03 to 27:17+

Auspicious days in November 2020 are –

Date Month Day Nakshatra Tithi Time
16th November Monday Anuradha Dwitiya 07:05 to 14:36
19th November Thursday Uttara Ashadha Panchami 09:38 to 21:58
25th November Wednesday Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Ekadashi 06:26 to 29:09+
30th November Monday Rohini Pratipada 14:58 to 30:29+

Auspicious days in December 2020 are –

Date Month Day Nakshatra Tithi Time
2nd December Wednesday Mrigashirsha Dwitiya 06:29 to 10:38
10th December Thursday Chitra Dashami, Ekadashi 10:51 to 30:34+
16th December Wednesday Uttara Ashadha Tritiya 20:04 to 30:37+
17th December Thursday Uttara Ashadha Tritiya 06:37 to 15:17
23rd December Wednesday Revati Dashami 20:38 to 28:33+

 The above mentioned days are known as auspicious days or good days of 2020, these days are calculated after doing Panchang Shuddhi or Panchangam Shuddhi. By following these days you are enhancing the good energy and using it to your advantage.

A few tips to make your Griha Pravesh ceremony  more fruitful:

  1. Place the idol east-facing.
  2. Clean the floor of your house with salt water.
  3. Decorate the main door with mango leaves and fresh flowers.
  4. Decorate your floor with rangoli using vibrant colours.  

It is essential to take care of every detail to avoid mistakes.

 Moving into your new house is like starting a new life. So, start it on a happy note and fill up your home with positive energy.

Putting your foot into your new home is one of the best steps that you have taken in your life. Congratulations.

All dates taken from the below link