A house is considerably more than only four walls and a rooftop. It kindles a lot of emotions in us. To a few, it is a feeling of security and solace and to the others it is an image of status and achievement.

The money related perspective is also significant as buying a home is one of the greatest monetary investment in a middle class/lower middle class Indian’s life. Owing a home is a great proposition; it provides more advantages and facilities than living in a rented home.

Here are a few reasons that justify that no rented place can provide these facilities:

Total ownership

You are in charge in your very own home. You don’t need to manage or follow instructions given by a landowner. Be it a minor fix or total redesign – you can use your own ideas to fix everything.

But living on rent is a torment from numerous points of view. You are dependent on the landlord for water, power, support and nearly everything else.


When you buy a house, you give your family their own space – ‘a home’. By the end of a stressful day at work with a tedious drive and constant pressure, coming back to your own home brings along a feeling of security. As there is no place like ‘home’ where you can be at ease and be yourself. In the end, home is where the heart is.

Assured ownership

When you rent a home, there is this possible fear of untimely termination of the agreement by your owner. And it is not certain when they want to do it. Above that, you need to renew your agreement each year after a particular period of time and there are possibilities that your landlord may increase the security deposit and rent amount.

Ownership freedom

You get total ownership freedom to design the interior and the exterior of your home by your own choice. And that’s not the end of it, you can even buy furniture, curtains of your choice and paint your home accordingly.

Easy availability of finance

Owning your dream home has become simpler now with the accessibility of simple financial alternatives. You do not need to wait till your 40s or 50s to collect savings to purchase your dream home. You can get it in your 20s and be a glad proprietor of a fully paid home by the time you turn 50 or even before. You can pick a home loan based on your income pattern.


Your home loan’s principal and interest repayments will bring you appealing tax reductions. In rented homes you are not earning any interest on the deposit amount that is paid to the landlord.


At some point when you are probably going to live in a specific city for long, it bodes well to buy a house, so you have a feeling of belonging, of having a place you can call your own. You get the chance to relate to the city and its way of life. You feel that you have at last settled in life. Buying a home means you are increasing your wealth over time as it becomes a fixed asset.


Lastly, buying your own house is an image of achievement and accomplishment in society. It often acts as a status symbol and brings the feeling of getting well established in life. Therefore, by buying a house, you can upgrade your economic wellbeing essentially.


Buying a home is a renowned choice with easy affordability of homes and innovations in home loans. For example: 1/2BHK Housing Projects for sale under PMAY Scheme.

It always proves profitable to own a home. Take the right decision at the right time.