Tumkur, officially renamed as ‘Tumakuru’ is located in the state of Karnataka. It’s also known as Shaikshanika Nagari (city of Education) and Kalpatharu Nadu (land of coconut trees). It’s a city with access to business services, housing, lifestyle activities, and telecommunications services.

Tumkur is one of the cities in South India to be developed as an ‘Industrial Smart’ city. Thanks to the connectivity that has played a fundamental role in turning all companies towards Tumkur. It has all the opportunities to emerge as a key industrial hub especially Vasanthanarasapura.

Tumakuru embraces good primary and high schools, 38 degree and postgraduate colleges, 2 medical colleges, 5 engineering colleges, and 1 dental college and known as the ‘knowledge hub’ in the southern interior of Karnataka.

Tumakuru anchors the Food Park and this was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 2014. The land, power, water, road, rail and air connectivity and other infrastructure are ideal for good real estate growth, it has an abundant number of real estate options.

Tumakuru invites promising investment in land values for both residential and industrial sectors.

Real estate’s have very good investment benefits in Tumakuru. It offers risk-free investments.

The Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Housing for all’ is initiated by Felicity Adobe ad is initiated by Swarna Griha.

Swarna Griha is a supreme reflex of the urban elegant lifestyle located in Annenahalli, Tumakuru. This unique housing program is aimed at all those who yearn for a modern, amenity-based, secure and affordable home.

This project laps chic designed residential apartments. This is a personification of luxury and elegance.

Swarna Griha is engineered by good architects of Felicity Adobe LLP, they are known for its amiable and beautifully crafted interiors and exteriors.

Many famous schools, hospitals, shopping destinations, upcoming tech parks, and every civic amenity are situated in the vicinity.

These houses are tailored with Vastu checks, they are spacious and well ventilated.

Good quality homes with affordable prices are this programs major outlook. The amenities such as children’s park, car parking, lift, clubs, swimming pools are all fitted perfectly into everyone budget. The entire portrait drawn by Swarna Griha is poised, lavished and high toned.

Also, Karnataka is benefitting with Tumkur as a smart city, it takes some of the pressure of decongestions in Bangalore, this will help in the dispersing the regional growth and population as Bangalore is submerging with water, electricity shortage and garbage disposals.