Vastu Shastra is believed to make our lives better and provide us peace, health and wealth. The term Vastu literally means ‘house’ or ‘dwelling place’. Vastu is one of the oldest architectural and directional sciences known to humankind. The reference can be found in ‘Sthapatya Veda’. It considers the evaluation of environmental influencers such as the five elements (fire, earth, water, air & space), geopathic stress, the sun, moon and the planets in our solar system. It involves building orientation, placement of rooms, measurements & proportions, slope & shape of the land, location of water bodies and other environmental & geopathic stress.

The science of Vastu Shastra believes in the energies created by the sun on its path from east to west. These energies influence and enhance specific functions and activities that correspond with specific areas of your homes. For example, there are specific directions by following which the entrance of a house, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining area and other rooms should be built. According to vastu, there are specific directions through which positive energies enter your home if it is built by following vastu design instructions. While these instructions can be placed while constructing the house, you can also follow certain tips that may bring well being to your family. Check them out below.

Vastu for Sleep: Sleeping has great significance in vastu shastra. Your sleeping room should not smell foul as it affects the peace and prosperity in life. To avoid this, you should leave the bedroom windows open for around 20 minutes every day. A flow of fresh air will make the room ventilated and let the natural light pass through it. This brings positive energy in the house along with the proper flow of money.

Vastu also gives much importance to the direction at which your head should be placed while sleeping. According to this science, a person should place his/her head in the south direction to bring wealth in his life.

Place a Buddha: A laughing Buddha statue symbolizes good fortune and favourable luck. Placing such a statue in the drawing room, kitchen or garden calls for these in abundance. These statues also enhance the look of the home décor.

Hang Vastu paintings: Painting resonates with expressions of life. Vastu Shastra believes in these paintings. The painting of a horse symbolizes perseverance, achievement, loyalty, victory, power, freedom, and speed. The painting of flowing water in your house or office signifies the flow of positive energy and prevents it from being ‘stuck’. Likewise, a Buddha painting imparts courage and offer protection from fear and anger.

Wind chimes: Wind chimes not only add aesthetic to the home décor but also hold great significance in Vastu Shastra. Hanging wind chimes can bring wealth into your home. A wind chime at the entrance of the home welcomes wealth while hanging it at the bathroom door can prevent wealth from draining out. You should avoid hanging wind chimes over your head or where you sleep. This brings negativity in life.

Money Plant: Money plant is known to bring prosperity and good luck in your home and life. Vastu says you should place money plant in a green vase in the north direction to attract money and better career opportunities in life. Similarly, having a bamboo plant, a painting of dense forest or lush greenery brings wealth in your life.

Vastu Shastra is a science. It can bring balance, harmony, wealth, health, fame, security, prosperity and peace to your life. The elements that you add to follow vastu can also be used to add aesthetics of your interior home décor. These are some of the vastu tips for buying a new house in Tumkur. All properties offered by Swarna Griha are vastu-compliant and designed to bring peace and well being in your life.