Buying your dream home can be exciting and for most of us, it acts as the best investment option of life. But the whole process – from decision making to investment is long and tedious and difficult to decide in one day. Several questions and doubts can arise unexpectedly. While most of them depend on your investment patterns, the following are some of the most common ones to ponder over before you come to a conclusion.

What is your budget?
What’s the level of privacy for the entire family?
Are you looking for a peaceful location with close proximity from your work place?
Long term investment or safety – which one should be the primary concern?
Do you want to move in early or you want to wait for a few years?

The fact is that both community living and individual homes can fulfill all of these conditions in one way or another. But here we will list out some distinct factors and let the home buyers decide what they want for themselves.

Community Living v/s Individual houses

It’s true the world is changing faster now than ever before!

Lately, urbane living makes people often exposed to commercialisation, city chaos and unhealthy environment and people mostly prefer to shift to the outskirts to live a peaceful and healthier life. Therefore,  the outskirts of Bangalore are one of the most-preferred destinations for real estate investment.

So wondering about the other highlights of the outskirts of Bangalore?

1.Excellent connectivity to the nearby cities.

2. Rapid economic development in the outskirts increases the rise of residential communities.

3. The growth of IT giants and other MNCs attracts professionals and workers.

4. The fast appreciation rates make the outskirts of Bangalore a smart option to buy residential space.

5. Apartment with gated community comes at an affordable price.

Therefore, buying an apartment would be the best option compare to the individual homes in terms of price, location and high security and good neighbourhood.

Benefits of community housing in Bangalore

Community living – A chance for friendly investment and happy living!

Located at the industrial belt of Tumakuru, Swarna Griha doesn’t just describe the property itself, but it enables one to own dream home at an affordable price with all essential amenities. The 1 & 2 BHK community housing offers long term investment for life and ensures the security of the family.

So, what are the other benefits of community housing?

Affordable price

Apartments are more likely to be affordable compare to individual houses. Therefore community living makes the investment simpler and affordable.

Widen your social circle

As neighbours stay very close to each other, It makes a lot of life-long friendships with people living next to you. Also, the dedicated outdoor amenities offers children a healthy space to spend time safely with friends.

Higher and better security

Lately, real estate developers ensure an individual’s privacy is maintained by others. Therefore, most apartments come with 24/ 7 security and promise absolute safety of the residents at any costs.

Ready availability

In case of an apartment, you have complete freedom to immediately move into your new home. But with individual homes, it would take a considerable amount of time for the construction to be fully completed.

Timely delivery

If you own an apartment, the buyer or investor simply have to pay the price of the property and the builder would take care of all the construction and timely delivery. Therefore, residents do not have the hassles as with individual houses.