Lately, we are witnessing a massive trend among both, the home buyers and investors. Due to the congestion and chaos in the city, investors now prefer new and favourable residential places to stay that are connected to the mega-cities and where they can live a peaceful life. And now, such locations have become hotspots for residential spaces with a high demand.

So here, we will help you invest in the most preferred residential location you can call home.

Tumakuru’ the next big real-estate promise!

The city is full of investment opportunities with the desire to grow more.

Imagine investing and getting settled in a location with high potential growth and investment opportunities. Located just 60 km from Bengaluru, Tumakuru is one such destination that has an abundance of real estate options available. From excellent connectivity, modern facilities to an affordable lifestyle, Tumakuru is home to it all.

The Industrial Smart City

Buy property in Tumakuru and witness ample growth in the future!

Tumakuru is becoming one of the major real estate investment hotspots on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Due to several factors like flyovers, expressways and other mega infrastructure projects, the city has high potential to transform into a mega industrial smart city. The transformation provides new opportunities for employees working in the industries, hospitals, educational institutions and other sectors.

So, what are the other incredible factors that fascinate the masses to invest in Tumakuru?

The emerging land values and employment opportunities

Who doesn’t dream of attractive land values and employment opportunities!

Every day we are witnessing emerging growth trends of land values in terms of both residential and industrial sectors! Now imagine owning a dream home with unlimited opportunities close to major cities. Due to the nearby hotspots, Tumakuru opens the gateway to different employment opportunities, making the city a major attraction for both home buyers and long term investors.

The growth of major infrastructures

‘Tumakuru’ one of the top places to invest on the outskirts of Bengaluru

It’s true! Tumakuru is one of the booming investment destinations of the future. Due to the emergence of mega-structures, the city is expected to flourish and drive more growth and build a better future. It offers its residents the opportunity to stay connected to nearby cities and have a comfortable lifestyle.

Improved connectivity to the major cities

Now say goodbye to the chaos of the city!

Tumakuru offers excellent connectivity to Bengaluru through the NICE corridor and Outer Ring Road. The National Highway 7 and Magadi Road both link Tumakuru, making it well-connected and easily accessible to other major locations, along with providing a hassle-free journey.