‘Affordable housing ‘the big segment to unlock the opportunities in the real estate industry

In India, the growth of housing is rising day by day! And now, the governments have filled the gaps in the real estate industry in India by offering affordable housing in the urban area. The affordable housing is expected to be the next big growth driver of the Indian economy with a phenomenal growth rate of over 30% in the medium term.

How it benefits the buyers and the investors?

Yes, it’s a better investment opportunity with good returns!

Wondering how it benefits the buyers and investors? Industry experts believe that the investors and buyers equally benefit due to the improved home loan, attractive interest rates, PMAY and subsidy scheme. Also, due to the improved transparency and accountability of RERA and GST, it helps the lower middle class and economically weaker section to own a home for his family with essential amenities.

Affordable housing scheme in India

Witness the tremendous growth in the affordable housing sector in India!

A couple of years back, builders were dedicated to building premium and luxury housing! But, after the launch of “Housing for all by 2022”, the government has put forward affordable housing scheme for the people belonging to Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Low Income Group (LIG) of the society.

Easy availability of finance for buyers

Buying dream homes have never been hassle-free!

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has infused fresh buyer confidence into the realty sector. Therefore, first time homebuyers are making purchase decisions for homes that meet their budgets. The availability of cheap finance is also driving the demand for affordable housing. 

Boosts the lifestyle and society

Affordable housing is a major hit as it uplifts the lifestyle and encourages new opportunities!

These days, more developers are keen to offer affordable housing! It increases urbanisation, enhances lifestyle and leads to healthy living. Also, being located in the prime urban areas, residents get the advantage of excellent connectivity and reduce travel expense and time.

Real estate technology trends of 2019

The world we live in, technology is constantly evolving and making our lives simpler and effective

In the real estate market, the professionals are seeking innovative ways to remain competitive. Now check out a few of the real estate technology trends of 2019:

Smart Homes

In the world of modern homes, there are a number of amenities that home buyers wish to have. Contemporary homes with smart home technology are now at the top of many lists! Smart homes impress the potential buyer with a unique innovative system and increase efficiency.

Focused on sustainability

Climate change grows more ominous, sustainability has become a prime focus for buyers and investors! Therefore, real estate professionals attempt to reduce environmental impact by bringing green practices in the property.


Gear up to Embrace Affordable Housing!

India is on the verge of great urbanisation and within 15 years and the governments at both the state levels and the centre have a crucial role to play in giving a boost to the realty sector. Therefore, more housing and better infrastructure will shape the Indian Economy!

Also, with affordable housing being at the centre of this historic movement, the segment is said to be the game changer in the history of real estate!